Here's everything we know about the J. Stancin, the artist. Last updated on 5/21/2009


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This was sent to us. We don't know who wrote it (possibly J. Stancin himself), or whether it is accurate:

John (Jim) Stancin is an American painter who has had both European and American painting background and experience. When he was twelve years old he went to Europe with his family to visit relatives and, determined to become a good painter, he struck off on his own to Paris. In Paris he met LeCoque, a student of Renoir, and began sketching in the streets of that city.

The poverty and loneliness Stancin encountered on the Continent became a lasting memory to him as he wandered throughout Europe. Upon his return to the United States he studied at both the Chicago Art Institute and in schools (maybe Cooper Union) in New York but his schooling was interrupted by the World War and he served in the armed forces in Europe.

After the war he came to Los Angeles where he later became director of the American Academy of Art. Later he started his own gallery and school of art.

The outstanding characteristic of Stancin's work is the thought-provoking combination of dreams and reality appearing in many of his paintings and this has placed him in the class of New-Romanticists. Upon viewing one of his characteristic paintings, the viewer gets a feeling of taking one's self out of reality into a world of fantasy with scenes which appear in the artist's mind.

Perhaps that lone man in the red sweater (his famous trademark) on a deserted beach or road may depress you, but in all probability the tranquility of the soft pale tones of sky and sea will soothe you. Whatever your mood preference, there is something about each Stancin painting that reaches out and reminds each of us of our inner-most feelings and thoughts.

A Master in perspective, it almost appears through his paintings that Stancin has found that most perfect, yet most intangible quality of blending time and space.

His paintings are in galleries all over the world, some having been obtained through such outlets as the Vincent Price Collection and other well-known galleries. A large number have become the possessions of world recognized entertainment personalities. During the Johnson Administration his paintings could be found in both Lyndon Johnson's and Hubert Humphrey's private offices. At one time Mr. Stancin lived in Lahaina, Maui. We believe that he was born in 1925 and is now deceased.